Next Door offers posts on the “strange truck on the street,” or “the sirens in the area,” or the random search for a new plumber. So, on March first, I requested examples of “Good Neighbor Stories.” The responses kept flowing in.

Cheryl’s neighbor ran power and lights into her front-yard pagoda, without her asking!

Laurel’s neighbors organized meal trains for special needs and events.

Another family was blessed by a neighbor who mowed their lawn weekly!

Another neighbor put out another family’s garbage cans every week.

Jann had knee surgery in June of 2018. One day as she hobbled out to get her paper at her mailbox using her walker, she met Bill and Margaret on their walk. Seeing her challenge, they got her paper for her and handed it for her. Since that day, her paper is daily on her front porch courtesy of these neighbors.

How can you serve your neighbor? How can you spread peace?

At Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center we find that community action like this changes culture in a neighborhood.  We encourage you to work at changing yours.”