It began innocuously. A resident in an HOA, a member of the community received a letter saying he was in violation of the CC&Rs.  The board sought compliance. This was normal practice.

This resident felt he had followed all procedures. And he pointed out how the board had approved others for similar requests. The board felt the bill was still in effect and informed the member they planned to send the situation to the attorney unless he paid the fine in full.  

The member stood his ground. The board requested attorney action. The then small fine doubled. Fast forward two years ago.  This very small thing now in litigation for two years has ballooned into a massive and difficult and expensive situation. Still unsettled the cost is topping $200,000. In addition, the community was ripped apart. The gauntlet lines divided us vs. them.   

This was so painful for everyone involved, as you well can imagine.

Looking at the public legal records across the nation, this story is not unique. HOA boards sometimes end up at odds with members over all kinds of situations, some small and others large.  

At Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center we have experience walking alongside HOA boards. We love to help boards rebuild the peace they desire for their communities. We train boards in basic mediation skills, help mediate difficult situations, and empower boards to lead in ways to enhance and build peaceful neighborhoods. Everyone wants a community they like coming home to – give us a call so this can be yours.