Quarantined. #StayHomeSaveLives. We are working to flatten the curve. But as we do, being at home, juggling work, homeschool, changing schedules, along with disappointment and fear brings havoc to a heart, a family and a community. It is stressful to do all of this. 

At Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center, we’d encourage you to remember just three things in light of the stress embodied in this season: 

1. Be quick to listen and slow to get angry. Everyone is struggling.

2. Be compassionate and present to those around you. Everyone needs to know someone cares. 

3. Be visionary– hold onto the fact that we will get through this. Everyone needs to know there’s hope.   

In a world that is seeking to regain its equilibrium, people who choose even these simple practices can begin to help that happen. .  

If you hit rough places or an impasse, we are here to help navigate the path to realign relationships and rebuild community through mediation. There’s always a way through. Call us.