Are you feeling isolated? Alone? There are ways to find creative community.

In their commons, one HOA began to meet weekly. They kept distance, sitting in chairs or on blankets around the commons. But could talk and sing across the distance. They each brought their own food. And their connections deepened. They found out one another’s needs, listened, laughed, cried, ate, and shared life in the park-like setting.  

Just the act of seeing one another’s faces, listening, eating, laughing, talking lessened stress. A shared burden felt lighter to bear. So, they have met weekly since March, heightening community. These gatherings have built their neighborhood.

One community member dreamed of another way to connect with her neighbors. She contacted everyone and sponsored a Thursday at 5 pm Neighborhood Concert. Each week, everyone has come to the foot of their driveway. They found ways to safely share food. They’ve sat spellbound to  Roger playing jazz on his Sax. And they delighted as 87-year-old David played his accordion. They were blessed by Joan’s daughter Izzy, who played her flute while Joan sang. These and others performed. These weekly concerts have bonded these neighbors together within their HOA helping to build community instead of allowing it to be dismantled. 

Physical distancing need not mean social distancing. Connect. Check in. Listen. People all around you need to know their lives are witnessed by another. At Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center we believe building loving communities and neighborhoods will raise property values and bring culture change.

How has your HOA drawn together in this season of quarantine? Let us know.