Spend any time with members of an HOA (Homeowners Association) Community, and I guarantee you’ll hear stories of conflict. It seems you put people in close proximity with other people and the result is challenge of every variety.  Stories abound from various HOA communities.

One resident felt the trees of another resident were blocking his view.  He had all kinds of choices he could have made – he could have called and talked with her about trimming the trees. He could have asked others to help to mediate a conversation. He could have noticed he could still see the view even through and between the branches, and changed his opinion about the situation. What he chose to do, and perhaps the worst decision he could have made was this. He hired his maintenance guy to cut down all her trees while she was out of the house!  Imagine her shock when she arrived home to find the man still in her backyard denuding her property.  A lawsuit ensued.

And the HOA board was dragged into the fray.

At Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center we exist to help you mediate such situations and also avoid them.  As you take steps as a board to plan ways for your residents to meet and build community, that makes a difference.  In the above story, if this man’s neighbor was not just “the lady with those tall trees” but a real person named Sara, whose life he can see is impactful, interesting, and meaningful, he would be much less likely to take such an action against her trees, and against her.

There are ways to bring peace to your community. Call us. Let’s do it together.