Judgment is in the air. “To mask or not to mask.”  “Black lives matter.” “All lives matter.” “Coronavirus and COVID-19.” “The Election.” “Defund Police.” We do not all agree.  Haven’t we seen this?  

With differing viewpoints come judgments – there’s a tendency to make the one who disagrees with us all wrong. Or to assume based upon one thing, that we know what he thinks about everything. Because a person wears a mask does not mean we know who she voted for in 2016. 

Such judgments and assumptions create labels — reducing another’s humanity to “supremacist,” “racist,” “fearful,” “redneck,” “idiot,” and “killer.” Often labels might apply to an aspect of a person’s life but rarely do they define the whole person. But once labeled the person is “less of a person,” and more of an object. As we have seen dramatically in recent history, such labels allow us to horribly mistreat another person. 

Since such labels divide instead of unifying a community, it’s time to be aware of how labeling happens. One way to fight our tendency to judge and label is to adopt an approach of curiosity into every conversation with those with whom you disagree. Ask questions rather than deciding you know her answers. Listen rather than planning your response. Indeed, instead of responding, ask another question. Go deep with your neighbor in order to build long-lasting communities in your HOA. 

At Genesis, we join you to help overcome labels, to heal, enhance, and build community in your HOA.