Isn’t it remarkable how divided we can become over a piece of cotton or cloth? I mean, seriously, the whole mask debate is hot. Depending upon where you are in the country, it rages as hot as the fires blazing through the western states. Indeed, in one Whole Foods Market in my area, a man punched and knocked flat a fellow shopper because the latter was not wearing a mask.

What do you believe?

Really, it matters little. In the current state of international society, with restrictions about whether or not you can enter a store, coffee shop, bank, or plane without a mask, we all must wear one. Some believe this is the best plan. Others hate it. But the real question is this: How will you respond to the fact?

How you and I respond, what attitude we choose regarding that piece of cotton will determine much in our lives. For, when we harbor anger about something as small as a mask, the anger will impact how we relate to others in a store, to our families at home, and coworkers at work.

Nursed anger spreads.

In our HOA worlds, this means our attitude about something as innocuous as a mask could add gas to a smoldering conflict — like lighter fluid to hot briquettes. So, how you and I deal with our anger about masks and other things about which we have no control, can impact many lives.

So friends, how will you respond?

Process your feelings in safe ways so they do not cause collateral damage to others in and around your life. And if your HOA is struggling with this, other COVID-related issues, or hampered by another conflict give us a call. At Genesis HOA Center, we are here to help.