We Resolve Tough HOA Problems and Bring Peace for Community Managers

As Community Managers You Walk a Tightrope

You are a gift to the HOA board as you enable their decisions to bear fruit

You serve at the pleasure of the board


You are an avenue for the community member to have a voice

This Alone is Huge!

You are not the enemy

Some board members are really tough to get along with.  They can call angry saying this, that, and the other.  Some may love you and some may express hate towards you.  And community members can call haranguing you for decisions the board made.  You are a servant to the board yet end up the villain to the community.

It's hard to be at the receiving end of such calls

It's challenging to know how to listen and not take personally what is being dumped on you

It's also difficult not to react

A person yelling blames you, calling you names, and yet you are seeking to serve at the pleasure of the board.  It might make you want to just walk away from it all.  You have a tough job!  And we don’t want you to walk away.

You can Assist Your HOA Board to Become Trusted, and Peace can be Restored Within the Community

At Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center we have witnessed how mediation and training has helped resolve conflicts. Play our trailer.

"We are so lucky to have found you!

– Mike, HOA Board Member

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