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Board Conflict

When the board doesn’t function as a team, the whole community suffers and every board meeting reflects it.  Conflict brings factions and breeds distrust.

Can you remember… when your meetings were productive, engaging, and unified? When many wanted to join the board because of the good work accomplished? When the members actually trusted the decisions of the board?

Member to Board Conflict

• Angry at the board’s decisions?

• Compliance! compliance! compliance!

• Threats? Petitions! Rumors! Hate mail?

We know you have a tough job… Navigating and resolving conflict is what we do.  Retool your board by taking our hybrid conflict management course.

Board & Builder Conflict

• Defect construction or issues with design, workmanship, or materials?

• Issues with unmet promises?

• Frustrated and angry homeowners?

What can help in the minefield of such complex issues?… We recommend inviting in a third pary becuase this person will have no “dog in the fight.”  They can help you mediate solutions and navigate communication between builders, insurance companies, attorneys, and the baord and it’s members.

Board Training and Support

• Need help creating a handbook for board members?

• Is there a lack of process for onboarding new members?

• Do you feel ill-equipped for some issues?

• Need to improve your meetings?

• Is conflict distracting you from your duties?

We understand you have volunteered for a challenging job… Training in managing conflict and leveling up skillsets to learn how to organize the work of the board to work as a team can strengthen your ability to serve.  At Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center we specialize in mediation and team development.

Neighbor to Neighbor Disputes

• Make my neighbor’s dog stop barking!

• Make my neighbors move their unseemly car!

• My neighbor’s tree blocks my view!


These are just but a few of the demands that feel are unending… We get that.  What should you do?  One solution: Up yuour skill set.  Our 10-hour hybrid conflict management course is designed to do just that.  Or you can invite us in to help.


• Annual meetings filled with strife?

• Do the same people take the floor?

• Fistfights? Police at the door? Chairs thrown at meetings?

• Anxiety caused by angry emails and letters?


Every board has it’s own story to tell… We understand.  It can help to have a neutral third party present to facilitate the annual meeting.  We set ground rules and manage discussions to free you to lead.

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"We are so lucky to have found you"

– Mike, HOA Board Member

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